Top 6 Best USB DAC Under $200 Dollars (2017) | Personally Used USB DACs

There are a lot of confusions arise while buying a best USB DAC. One may face various confusions while choosing the best USB DAC. The task of selecting the best USB DAC is not that much easier. This is because to get an incremental audio experience, one must have to spend a lot more than money. Nowadays there is a wide range of replacements and duplicates are available in the market for each and every product.

In the wide market of duplicates and worthless products, it is important to choose the best product that also comes under our budget. Here we provide a list of top 6 best-rated USB DAC which comes below $200 dollars.

1. Nuforce uDAC3

Nuforce uDAC3

The Nuforce uDAC3 is constructed with metal construction and it is the sturdier USB DAC among a lot. This is very small and it comes with a Zippo lighter size. The entire look of this USB DAC is clean and this is available in three different colors such as silver, red and gold, and black.

Among them, the red color looks more attractive. The front portion of this DAC has a headphone jack and a volume knob which is as big as the height of this USB DAC. The back portion of this DAC has a micro-USB port for connecting it to the computer. In addition, it has a left and right analog input and a coaxial input. The package of this DAC is very minimal when comparing to others.

2. Creative Sound Blaster E5

Creative Sound Blaster E5

Users those who want to get an all in one audio system can go for this Creative Sound Blaster E5. It satisfies all the sound solutions of the users. This DAC is portable and is a 24-bit USB DAC which has a headphone amplifier also. It provides a 120db signal for audiophiles. Some of its features are

  • Big volume Knob
  • Bluetooth support
  • Twin headphone jack
  • USB host
  • NFC Pairing chip
  • SBX button
  • Gain switch
  • Optical line in/out
  • Micro USB port

3. Meridian Explorer

Meridian Explorer

This USB DAC suits for people those who want to buy an ultra portable DAC under $200. This DAC fits well in your pocket and it supports high-resolution audio. This USB DAC is known for its excellent digital to analog converters. The design of this USB DAC is simple and hassle free. The sides of this USB DAC have an oval design and it gives a compact look. The front portion of this DAC has a headphone output and an optical output port. On the other hand, the back portion has a micro-USB port.

Similarly, on the top of this USB DAC, there are three indicator lights which signal various kinds of audio input.

4. Micca Origen+

Micca Origen+

This DAC is available for very low cost nearly $100 and it looks similar to a bomb detonator. This appearance is due to the big bulked volume knob on the top of this DAC. This USB DAC has both 3.5 mm audio jack and 6.3 mm audio jack. The design of this DAC is very simple and it contains a steel chassis. Also, it has an aluminum plate on top of it. The front part of this DAC contains two types of headphone jacks such as 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm jack.

This DAC also has a couple of oldie toggle switches which is used to switch headphone to SPDIF and the next one for gain from 0db gain to 10db gain.



This DAC weighs only 2 ounces and it connects using the micro-USB port. This has a single headphone out port. Even though it is not portable, but it can sit comfortably in your pocket without a bulge. This DAC output 24bit audio and it is supported by Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The computers recognize this as a USB device.

6. Audioquest Dragonfly v1.5

Audioquest Dragonfly v1.5

This is an updated version of previous Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2. This is perfect for one who wants to buy a digital to analog converter and it costs under $200. The size of this DAC is same as your normal pen drive. This small DAC can power up anything from user’s desktop, regular headphones, speakers, monitors etc. The weight of this DAC is 0.77 ounces and it comes with a carry pouch.

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